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Reflections on the Rock and the Hard Place

A letter from Bridget, site administrator: July, 2022



So here we are, “you,” the visitor to this strange and bizarre online space, and “us,” (Dave and myself) the artist and the admin, respectively, of course.


This site was a vision, a passion project, and now a reality, largely thanks you to, the person intrigued enough by what you have seen here to end up on this page: our letters to you.

This letter is an acknowledgement of the disparity between sellers’ and buyers’ rights in the digital world and a request to all of you to help us overcome this.


We disclose that as of July, 2022, this website is using Google analytics to help Dave and I promote this site and gain traffic.


Now, neither Dave nor myself is particularly pleased – to put it lightly- with Google’s (parent company Alphabet) standards regarding data sharing and selling. (I encourage you to do some additional research on this topic).


I have carefully reviewed our agreement with Google through Wix (our developer and hosting platform) and Dave and I want to be transparent about the following:

As of now:

Yes, your personal data, including your age, location, and website browsing history, is being collected by us and thus by Google (Alphabet).

                -Yes, Google (Alphabet) is doing this constantly, all the time, without your consent.


Yes, Google (Alphabet) is sharing the data we collect with others at their own discretion (In any agreement with Google/Alphabet this cannot be avoided)

                -Yes – again – Google (Alphabet) is doing this constantly, all the time, without your consent.

This said, although we all use Google, and although this is happening to all of us “anyway” Dave and I are not happy to exploit this system to aid the traffic of this site.


However, I, (Bridget) am new to website development and promotion, as is Dave, who is currently taking a massive initial jump into a career as an artist featured in the online world. We are both out of our element.


We know there is a wealth of collective knowledge possessed by artists, creatives, developers, and oh-so-many others that can aid us in developing and implementing non-exploitative options for this website.

We are working on developing concepts for promotion on social media platforms (harder than you would think) but in the meantime - for the first few months of this site’s life - we are relying Google analytics.


Not to absolve ourselves of our part in this system of data mining and exploitation, we strongly advise all of those who can afford it to purchase a VPN and use it every time you access the internet. I recommend Mullvad VPN for optimal security.

We have included a box at the bottom of this page for you to send us your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback on what we say to you here and our efforts at complete transparency.


Thank you for your continued support and advice.

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