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In celebration of the ancient days of the world wide web

when creators experimented, hiding elements for their own pleasure and the satisfaction of those explorers curious enough to discover them…


We offer you a virtual easter egg hunt…

a total of 13 clips, pictures, and recordings, scattered around this little corner of the digital world.

The first person to locate all 13 clues will receive a

free commissioned artwork or print of their choosing (see details below).


To find the “eggs”, you will need a proper laptop…well, a cursor, that is. That relic of times long past. 


You will need to scan, hover, and explore with a keen eye. We have provided a list of “clues” to help you keep track of what you discover.


Eggs are hidden in both images & text.


1. North Country Winter 

2. You suck, Shoresy!

3. The vanishing pencil

4. The Joy of Painting with Deadpool

5. “The” overture

6. Boiling water in a pot

7. The shit that came out of this woman's mouth...

8. KO'd

9. Hey Mickey

10. Aquatic Education

11. Reefer madness

12. Thanos had it coming

13. I wonder whose car that was?

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Black Hole_edited.jpg

To submit your contest entries (or any questions) please email with a numbered list that includes each "clue" and your brief description of the "egg."



Previously commissioned artworks and

the “I’ll Make You Famous” series are not for sale.


Please refer to the "commissions" gallery for requirements for commissioned artworks

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