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About the Artist

Dave Grube II is based in Adirondacks, New York State

Dave cannot stop making art.

This is how he breathes. This is his meditation.

You are entering not only his imagination but possibly our own collective consciousness. Don’t be surprised if you see yourself somewhere within these works. Running somewhere within the layers of wild beasts, fresh blood, and ethereal flora.

Roam free and explore with wonder and horror.

~Chris Rigsbee

To all visitors,

I can’t tell you the number of wild, crazy, and utterly horrific ideas that have crawled the surface of my brain. Gouging their fangs into my grey matter, thirsty for life. It is true not all make the cut. My imagination is a vast and open place. A world apart from the reality we know. A secret place I call my own. Free from rules, restrictions, and guidelines. Where the only true authority is the freedom of expression and creativity.


Think what you will…


That’s what art is for.

It gives me a great deal of honor and joy to share my work, my thoughts, and my madness with you through these hand drawn pieces. Getting pulled into something I’ve drawn isn’t unheard of… I like to think that my art is observing you, as you observe it.

So please, dive deep and try not to get lost in all the psychedelic landscapes and shifting faces.

Thank you and enjoy!


© Copyright
Pha21 Fritz Irish_edited_edited_edited.j

Dave A. Grube Jr.

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